Essay on Science and Technology Blessing or Curse

Science: Blessing Or Curse

Science and Our Life’s Uses and Abuses Of Science



  • Man and science
  • The world and wonderland

Uses of sciences

  • Science and means of communication
  • Science and diseases
  • Sanitary conditions (Past & present)
  • Science and eating habits
  • Science ans superstitions 

Evil of science

  • Man has become materialist
  • Man becomes a devil’s disciple
  • Exposed humanity to destruction
  • Mental hurry and worry


  • Brought both heaven and hell
  • Undreamed and unheard of gifts
  • Use of science is main thing

Man and science are now old companions. They have shared pain and pleasure. Science sometimes seems a sweet companion and sometimes a dragon. Man has benefited a lot from the use of science in every walk of life. In short science and man are inseparable.

Science has made the world a wonderland  Modern man owes almost everything to the wonders of scientific inventions and discoveries. Science has showered uncountable blessings on man.Science has tuned a signalling super-animal into a mechanized man. The means of communication and transportation have enabled man to completely conquer time and space. This world has become a global village.

Science has made the world

Diseases of various kinds have been man’s worst enemy. The disease and death dangers have decreased sufficiently. Science has saved man from the deadly clutches of diseases and fatal epidemics. Science has also gifted man hospital and such useful treatment s that mans’s life has almost doubled.

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Poor sanitary conditions were one of the greatest worries of man. They were the root cause of causing epidemics and other fatal diseases. Household garbage and other refuses were thrown in streets. But today the streets are paved and well drained. Departments and laws have been made to keep cities clean.

Science has proved that it is healthful to eat many kinds of foods. This revelation has made man change his eating habits. It has also urged him to learn to provide himself with a variety of foods throughout the year preservation methods have also been improved to a great extent.

Essay on Science and Technology Blessing or Curse

The greatest achievement of science is man’s firm attitude. Man has rescued himself from for any happening to be acceptable to him.

Despite its benefits science has some drawbacks also. Science has made man materialistic  He does not care for morality. God and soul are being treated as mathematics equations. The world of truth, beauty and goodness is being considered a product of accident that created life.

Science has also made man a devil’s disciple. He has threatened humanity with dangerous war weapons that have exposed humanity to mass destruction. Scientific progress has deprived man from mental peace and happiness . Modern man is Now relies on artificial means to enjoy life. The evils of science can not be overlooked. Sometimes these evils dominate the uncountable benefits. The greatest curse is a constant threat to the safety and survival of humanity.

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Science has brought both heaven and hell in the world of man. It has blessed man with undreamed and unheard of gifts of luxuries but it has also made him slave of machines and subject of disaster and discomfort.

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