Essay on the Saddest Day of my Life

Life is a strange blend of happiness and sorrow. But all agree that in life, there are more sorrows and sufferings than happiness. Seneca, a Roman philosopher, said there is no body without sorrow.

The advice in the Bible is to remove sorrow from thee, for sorrow has killed many, and there is profit in it. There are many unhappy days in life, but one of them may be the happiest.

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My life has never been a bed of roses. I am an ordinary man. I had to struggle my way through life. But there are degrees of unhappiness. The day I failed the intermediate examination was the happiest day of my life. On that day, I lost everything.

Essay on The unhappiest day of my life

Seven years ago, I appeared for the intermediate examination. I was not a very intelligent student. I passed my matriculation examination in the second division without much work. But this time, I worked day and night. I memorized all the important questions. I gave up games, morning walks, and all the other pleasures of life. The reason was that my future depended on my passing the intermediate examination. A relative of mine had promised to get me a good job. I was expected to earn Rs. 50,000 per month. The intermediate examination was a question of life and death for me.

Essay on the Saddest Day of my Life

I did my papers well because all the expected questions were in them. I was sure to get a good first division. I used to dream of a prosperous, good home life. Last but not least, the results day came. My roll number was not among the roll numbers of successful candidates. I could not believe it. I did not know what had happened. I checked the list of compartments and later on the cases, but to no avail Alas! I had failed. Perhaps my papers were changed, or there was some mistake in the entries of the results. I could pass only three subjects. I had been declared plucked in the remaining three subjects.

My eyes were full of tears. Dark thoughts crowded my mind. I had lost everything. Speech left me. I fell senseless to the ground. My face was pale like a ghost. Friends brought me home. My poor old mother was worried about me. My heart had broken. I could not dare appear for the examination again. Today, I am only a poor laborer living from day to day. All dreams of a happy future evaporated that day.  Was it not the unhappiest day of my life? Friends tell me their comments:


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