Rasy disease Brief Guide to Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

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Rasy disease
Rasy disease

‘Parkinson’ disease he suffers at least two hours to do different types of exercises. impelled by curiosity I asked them to use drugs instead why do they exercise? Was surprised to learn that they have recovered from exercise than medication. Ago he started out in consultation with the doctor but have been convinced of its usefulness.

Given my interest in the woman information about Parkinson what I enjoy. They said Parkinson Urdu rasy generally known for. However, the English name of the disease, Dr. James Parkinson has been borrowed from, the 1817 first detailed article I wrote about the disease. A conservative estimate of 400,000 people in Pakistan affected by Parkinson’s than the global figure has exceeded 6 million This number is expected to double by 2030 and that may be.

Dupamayn the human brain produces a chemical substance, which makes it more flexible muscles and muscles in the body is supported. However dupamayn brains of people with Parkinson’s stopped, the patient’s arms , hands and legs rash, slow in movement, and balance nerves in error akraw like symptoms appear. whether the severity of the disease when swallowing food, difficulty in walking and talking can. gukh the disease a can affect a person. however, more than sixty years of age are usually a victim.

neurological problems or head injury may cause such symptoms. Doctors therefore recommend MRI and CT scans, but unfortunately

There is no available laboratory tests can diagnose the disease. Depend on the detailed neurological examination is performed.

Since the disease affects the punctuation, it took the help of Physio therapy is that patients with specific urzsun daily activities without anyone able to help. The balance or gait changes in patients affected which increases their risk of falling.

should gradually increase the duration.

Listening to the subject of your interest re Hebei Advanced lytysn a local hospital Services Coordinator love Ali Agha Khan were also present in this informative discussion. Loved Ali, BS PT, MSc PT (Neuro) and Now DP T (Doctor of Physio Therapy) are trained. Physio Therapy receives the Parkinson patients and their support group created for patients who also informative lecture.

He said that the disease is not hereditary, nor is yet to determine its cause. Parkinson’s fifty per cent, and the remaining fifty per cent of drug treatment is exercise., It is a disease in which the increase It is the right treatment and good care, however, a reduction in the degrees of tissue.

remain. however, can be overcome with physiotherapy.

Additional sign that the patient walking forward or backwards or fall out of bed time is up, the other major symbol ‘freezing gate’, ie when he gets out of bed and walk to the first step does not arise. the patient moves slowly, little is done., but it is very difficult to stop and turn.”

A normal healthy person’s physical fitness test is given by the following factors:

Ability to withstand the pressure of the heart and arteries, muscle strength, muscle’s ability to tolerate stress, physical flexibility and body composition testing (Body Mass Index and body fat ratio)

However, Parkinson’s patients are very important fzyuthyrapy three components: the wasting away of muscle strength and increase muscle effort, due rasy prevention of muscle loss in flexibility and accuracy of movements.

Where is the danger of falling. cunkh patient as ordinary humans could not keep my hands straight and can not defend himself fall time, due to the head injury. receives the exercise of such patients to move their headis falling behind so forth exercises to strengthen the muscles that are made.

should change their current condition to the exercise.

Parkinson important in the overall care and medication, exercise and lifestyle changes are part of the system. Healing or achieving better health for all three aspects have to be taken care of. Lifestyle change meanscmch recommend to use. patient should try to own your own business, are less dependent on the others.

Love Ali Parkinson’s patients for the program has been re-hyb. Their hospital’s Neurology and Physio Therapy and Pakistan Parkinson’s Society in collaboration with the Department on a monthly basis is a program in which patients, their tymardarun and to increase awareness of family Neurologist, fzyuthrapsts, aukyupysnl thrapsts, speech thrapsts, dentists, etc. have lectures. patients can attend these free informative lectures.


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