How to Avoid Summer Heat

How to beat summer heat (updated 15 March 2024)

After a long winter this year a long summer is also expected and with hot, yellow summers and soaring temperatures comes the summer dilemma: dehydration, heat strokes, heart burns, sweating, stomach acidity and loads of irritating skin problems. So take measures to keep cool in summers and beat the horrid weather. A positive part here is that you can deal with most of these summer problems on your own using simple and natural remedies. Take a look at the uncomplicated methods to beat the summer heat and a pleasurable summer is guaranteed.

Heat strokes & Dehydration

In summers, dehydration and heat strokes may be caused by loss of excess water due to sweat. At severe temperatures your body loses a great amount of water and if a lot of water is not drunk to counter that then dehydration is coming your way for sure.

Drink loads of water preferable a glass every hour.

Drink loads of fruit juices including water melon, pineapple, peach, berries, mango and apple. No to carbonated drinks for this season and go easy on caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee.

Incorporate fruits with high water content like melons, pears, grapes pineapples etc in your diet.

Eat loads of cucumber. Also, add in your diet broccoli and bitter gourd.

How to Avoid Summer Heat
How to Avoid Summer Heat

Avoid spicy dishes as spice generates heat in the body and increases the rate of perspiration…

Stomach acidity

Summers, a time for picnics and easy meals and also a time for stomach acidity. Acid produced in the stomach is helps in the breaking down of food but sometimes access acid yields a burning in the stomach.

First of all cut back on fatty food as well as spicy food and pickles.

Have plenty of water and avoid carbonated drinks

Have smaller meals rather than two or three large meals in a day and eat slowly to aid proper digestion.

Do not lie immediately after taking meals. Have a slow walk or move around after meals.

Quit smoking if you smoke as smoking causes intestinal gas problems.

Add in banana and papaya to your diet as these fruits have cauliflower, beans, cabbage, lentils as they bring up acidity and may add in to the problem.

Coconut water and buttermilk are effective home remedies for indigestion and acidity problems.

Skin problems in summer heat

Summers brings lots of skin problems and allergies with it including sunburns, melasma, dry skin, pimples, blemishes, prickly heat with it butt don,t let these problems destroy your summer. Use some easy to stay away from these problems.

Keep your skin hydrated with water or lemon juice with a dash of salt as the vitamin C and salts lost in perspiration will be gained by this.

Avoid going out in the hottest hours of the day butt when you get out in the heat, cover yourself, take an umbrella with you and use high sun protection factor sun screen while going out in sun.

Eat less fatty and spicy food. Eat vitamin rich food to boost immune system capacity which ultimately prevents occurrence of skin allergies.

Use sandalwood paste (water plus sandalwood powder) as a face mask. Sandalwood has cooling effect on body and mind.

If you already have skin blemishes then apply watermelon juice on face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes then wash it with cool water.


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