Loan Adjustment Letter

Detail of you and date and time

Dear Sir,

It is in reference to your letter No.BOP/THR/023 Dated January 10, 2020 regarding above cited subject.

We are regularly adjusting the mark up against availed facility of loan. Since July 20, 2007, we have given to you mark up amounting Rs.2, 3235565. Please adjust markup amounting Rs.22325 against our cheque deposited in our account and we will adjust the remaining mark up for the quarter ending December 31, 2008 within next seven days.

At July 20, 2007, we had the total outstanding loan liability of Rss.11, 4982125 payable to you. Still then we have given adjustment amounting Rs.2, 778,138.


As you know that the markup rates have increased too much and such high cost of financial charges is a heavy burden on the cash flow of every company. So to eliminate such heavy cost of mark up charges, we are determined to adjust the outstanding loan amount as early as possible. We assure you that we will adjust the outstanding balance of loan facility within next nine to ten months.

Thanking you, we remain.

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