Veena says she will be back soon

LAHORE, March 8: Actress Veena Malik says she will soon be in Pakistan to do some projects as she was in touch with some big entertainment groups in the county. She is also going to launchher first music album.

Talking to Dawn by phone from Mumbai on Thursday, she said she was doing three films in India Daal Mein Khuch Kala Hai, Zindagi Fifty Fifty and Bombay 125 Km.

`I am also doing a film `Super Model` with Ashmit Patel, she added.

Ms Malik said DMKKH was a comedy, whereas in Zindagi Fifty Fifty she has played a sex worker. Bombay 125 Km was a 3D thriller-horror, she added.

All these flicks were almost complete, except for `Super Model` which would, tentatively, go on sets in June, she said, adding that to perform in a 3D movie was a new and good experience for her.

Sharing the details about her first music album with Dawn, the actress said she wanted to sing right from the beginning of her career but her friends suggested that since she had a pretty face so she should concentrate on acting.

`However, now I have decided to launch my first album both audio and video -I shall release my album with a single track to start with`, she added.

She said she would reveal later that who would be the male lead with her in her first music album. The songs would be a mix of Urdu and English, she added.

`My singing will represent young generation and for them I shall be singing some rock stuff`.

She said rights of her TV show, which would go on air by the end of this year on an Indian channel, had been bought by a big entertainment group in Pakistan.

However, she would not disclose the group`s name.

`The show had received some 72,000 entries from all over the world which is a record,` the actress said.


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