Dav Whatmore And misbah ul haq

misbah ul haq
misbah ul haq

Dav Whatmore And misbah ul haq Picture in press conference in Dhaka.

Allow Afidi open the Batting for Pakistan. Irrespective
Of what he contributes as an opener. No one dare speaks
About tendulkar today. Who is fetching his milestone.
Don’t you think Afridi isn’t capable of showing the
Fastest 100 again ? For tendulkar its the milestone
For afridi its that quick score and the entertainment
To the crowd. Why deprive the opportunity to Afridi ?
Misbah, sachin will never get his milestone of 100. 100s
Because dhoni has no power over sachin. But your power
Over afridi instructing him to bat as opener will
Change things. by (Imtiaz)


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