UFone Offer UReminder Service for Customers

Ufone Telecom Pakistan Offer the Service of UReminder for their customers. Don’t Forget anything by using Ureminder Service from Ufone Telecom Pakistan. The Detail of Ureminder Service is given below.

Stay reminded, forget nothing

Ufone is pleased to announce yet another innovative service – UReminder. With UReminder U will receive reminders of important tasks that U cannot afford to forget. Use it for business or personal reminders, so whether it is your best friend’s birthday, a payment collection or a wakeup call, now U will never forget anything.

Using this service is very simple, all U need to do is simply dial 7030, set a reminder and then before the time comes U will receive a call from the IVR reminding U to carry out the set task at the time you specified.

Subscription charges:

Rs. 2.50+Tax per week (For Pre-paid customers)
Rs. 10.00+Tax per month (For Post-pay customers)

IVR Call charges:

Rs. 0.50 + Tax per minute

Another amazing feature of UReminder is that other than the pre-recorded messages for the wakeup call, food and sleeping reminders, U can record a message in your own voice for a certain reminder. Moreover, not only will U be able to put reminders on your own number but will also be able to put reminders for other people’s numbers!

So what are U waiting for? Use this amazing service and make everyday a memorable day.

U-Reminder FAQ – Answers

1. How can I subscribe to the service?

By simply dialing 7030 or by SMSing ‘SUB’ to 7030 you can subscribe to this valuable service.
Ureminder Service Subscription Charges will be Rs. 10/month. (For Post-Pay Subscribers) and Rs. 2.5/week (For Pre-Paid Subscribers)

2. Can I set a reminder to another off-net number?

Yes, you can set reminders to any other off-net and on-net number.

3. If I could not receive (attend) the reminder call due to any reason, then what should I do?

If you couldn’t receive (attend) the reminder call, or your mobile phone is powered off, the service will retry to call three times after every three minutes. After that the reminder will stop retrying.

4. What are the daily charges of UReminder service?

No daily charges for the service, only a call to 7030 will be charged @Rs. 0.50+tax/min (For both Pre-Paid and Post-Paid subscribers.)

5. When someone receives my reminder, will he/she also be charged per minute?

No, incoming call for a reminder set by another number, is absolutely free for subscribers.

6. How can I deliver a message through reminder call?

You can record a message of 20 second duration in your own voice, or you can use the variety of pre-recorded messages.

7. Can I set a reminder though SMS?

No, only subscription is allowed through SMS, you can set reminders only by calling 7030.

8. What should I do if a reminder is of no use for me, i.e. if I set a reminder for a meeting, but the meeting is postponed or delayed, in that case, can I change the date of reminder accordingly?

In such case, you can remove the existing reminder and set new reminder according to the new time, but changing an existing reminder is not allowed.

9. How do I cancel or remove my reminder?

You can call 7030 and follow the instructions to remove a reminder that you’ve set.

10. How many types of reminder can I set?

You can set Meeting Reminder, Birthday (wish) Reminder, Reminder of Time to wake up, Medicine Reminder, Exercise Reminder, Utility Bills Payment Reminder, Payment Recovery Reminder and Custom Reminder (Private Reminder of your own Type)
For example; Your Best Friend’s birthday is coming up, and you want to wish him/her on time, but you are busy at that moment and fear you’ll forget to wish them on time. Now, you can set a reminder for the exact time, and the service will wish “Happy Birthday” on your behalf.
Another important example: You have to collect payment from someone but he/she is not attending your phone call, you can set a “Payment Recovery” Reminder on his/her number. The service will remind him/her by placing a call to them to pay your amount on time.

11. How can I UN-Subscribe to the service?

You can call on 7030 to un-subscribe from the service.

13. What should I do if I want a reminder on a daily basis?

There is an option for some reminders that you can set on repeat for a week, or even for a whole month.

Terms & Conditions:

Service will be available for both prepaid and postpaid users
Users can set a variety of reminders along-with custom reminders
Only 20 reminders can be provisioned weekly
International numbers will not be allowed for setting reminders
Users can avail only voice reminders
Service will automatically become idle after 3 months in case of inactivity


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