PTCL Helpline Number for Evo, Complaint, Dsl, Mobile

PTCL Helpline Number for Evo, Complaint, Dsl, Mobile

Pakistan Telecommunication Limited is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Pakistan that provides landline internet and calling. The best and lowest calling and internet rates are provided for Pakistan. PTCL offers landline and wifi routers for internet.

PTCL provides the best internet speed for their customers at good rates. One of the big problems for customers is that they cannot reach the customer care numbers of PTCL due to any problem with their landline or wifi router.

For that purpose, we are giving all the basic and necessary numbers of PTCL so that customers of PTCL can easily search for the helpline and solve their problems within time.


When any ptcl customer call to helpline its necessary to keep write down their helpline number that is reference if no anyone comes to correction their problems. If the problem will not solve within 24 hours you can call again and register your complaint again with previous reference number.

For New Connection: 0800 8 0800

Helpline: 1236 or 111-202-020

Complaints: 1218

Directory: 1217

Billing Helpline: 1200

Website of PTCL:

The helpline for Evo 1050, 1218, 1236,

PTCL also provides online chat service

“Welcome to PTCL live chat to get instant support.”

Please click on

Dear Valued Customers, PTCL chat agents will be available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Mon-Sat). Thank You.

Dears, If you have any problems, you can also ask us by leaving comments. We will first reply to you and tell you that you have to solve your problem. Good Luck



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