Safety Precautions during Installation Software in Computer

Safety Precautions during Installation Software in Computer


While installing a computer system, the following care should be taken:

  1. Always provide good and clean electricity connection to the computer
  2. Do not connect the computer to a power supply without using good quality plugs and sockets of at least 5 amperes capacity.
  3. Overloading of a power point is dangerous and a potential fire hazard. If more devices are to be connected, install extra sockets.
  4. Always try to provide a proper ground/ earth connection to the computer sockets.
  5. Always use the power cables that were supplied with the computer.
  6. The network cables are very delicate and can easily get damaged. A damaged network cable is one of the most common causes of network failures. Therefore, special care of network cables must be taken.
  7. Make sure that networking cables do not run near and parallel to the power supply cables. This can cause several types of communication errors. Therefore, keep network cables away from the power cables as far as possible.





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