oxford boat win women’s boat race from cambridge University

Oxford University and Cambridge University competition of boat race between women held on dated 30-March-2014. Oxford University beats Cambridge University in Boat race competition of women, oxford university wins by fourth lengths to win 2014’s women boat rice.

Before this the first women boat rice competition held in 1927.

Women winning team in 2014

Elizabeth Fenje (bow seat), Alice Carrington-Windo (two seat), Maxie Scheske (three seat), Lauren Kedar (four seat), Nadine Graedel Iberg (five seat), Laura Savarese (six seat), Anastasia Chitty (seven seat), Amber de Vere (stroke seat) Erin Wysocki-Jones (cox)

The men’s boat rice competition will be held on dated 06-April-2014 Sunday.

Congratulations! Oxford boat wins Women’s Boat Race by four lengths





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