Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, most people treat food as their enemy. Not eating enough, or starving, will not aid weight loss, but simply make you look weak, the point is, instead of binging on everything and anything around you, eat consciously. Chalk out a strategy for your meals. Restrict the portion size you eat. A good way to determine portion size is to compare it with hand size. A healthy serving should not be more than the size of your palm. Resort to healthy snacks at those times of the day when you feel hungry. Remember, not to starve and not to skip meals in any case. These habits will only weaken the digestive system.

This probably comes as an obvious advice to most o f us, but true it is. Now, there are several reasons drinking (at least 2 liters) of water is recommended. Water cleanses your body and regulates you metabolism, which helps you to get rid of the accumulated fat around the midsection. Moreover, drinking plenty of water helps you to feel satiated throughout the day and suppresses the urge of snacking.

Healthy eating habits to lose weight

This may sound funny to you, but it definitely has some logic to it. When you drink plenty of water, you feel the urge to pee/ for which you have to walk up to the washroom. This activity helps you break the monotony at work and at the same time results in some physical activity. It may not be intense but it definitely adds up to the total calories burned.

Consumption of excess alcohol is one of the major reasons for accumulated belly fat. This does not mean you completely stop its intake, but make sure you limit the quantity. Smoking too can reduce your appetite and wreck you digestive system. These unhealthy habits can sabotage your weight loss, so just be careful.

Make it a habit to chew your food slowly. Chew every morsel 32 times before you swallow it. This habit not only helps in proper digestion, but you also end up eating less. Look for all the unhealthy eating habits you indulge in during the day and make an effort to eliminate the same. Like, for example. bingeing on desserts after dinner, snacking while watching television, having donuts and thick chocolate shake while you drive to office every morning, and so on.


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