Health Benefits of Cherry Strong Immunity Relief from Infections

Health benefits of cherry (updated 07 June 2020)

The health benefits of cherry eye care, strong immunity, relief from infections, proper digestion, etc.


Cherry (scientific name is prunus avium), is one of the most romantic fruits. You find them invariable on greetings cards, in poems and love stories and the cherry blossoms are invariable associated with birth, marriage, turning points and even death of the heroes and heroines. Oh! I forget to say that they are eaten too, and are eaten as favorites.  Predominantly, a fruit of cold countries, cherries look and taste wonderful, their vibrant color and tangy taste are just indicators of equally vibrant and magical health benefits these little fruits contain in them. I just cannot wait telling them to you.

The healthy benefits of cherry include the following:

Aging & free radicals: like all other berries, cherries also are store houses of anti oxidants such as vitamin- c and flavonoids. They effectively neutralize free radicals and protect us from all ailments associated with aging of action oxidants, such as weakening of heart and nervous system, loss of vision, macular degeneration, hair loss, wrinkling of skin, loss of libido, cancer of colon, prostate etc., sleeplessness, nervous disorders and many. The anti oxidants such as carotenoids and flavonoids (anthocyanins) repair the damages done by the free radicals.

Infection & immunity: 

 Apart from protection against the damages of free radicals, the anti oxidants “(vitamin- c, carotenoids and flavonoids) also boost up immunity and protect us from bacterial. Viral and fungal infection, particularly those of colon, urinary tract, intestines, excretory system and cough and cold. They are also very effective in giving protection against flu and other fevers.

Eye care:  

Again the antioxidants/ they protect eyes against all damages from tree radicals and aging such as vision loss, macular degeneration. Dryness etc. As well as soothe eyes. Reduce inflammation and help maintain proper ocular pressure. They also protect eyes from common infections.

Brain function and nervous system:

Flavonoids and carotenoids are very effective in improving efficiency of the brain, improving memory and keeping it active, which are otherwise reduced due to action of free radicals with aging. So, those who are afraid of dull brain and a low memory in their old age; beware and start eating cherries. You can keep smart like the 007 even in your nineties. The anti oxidant properties of these cherries also protect the nervous system from age-related disorders. Thus, they can be helpful in treating nervous disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, depression, disappointed, undue anxiety, stress etc.

Constipation & digestion:  while the fibers in the cherries help relieve constipation, the acids in it aid digestion. Again, the antioxidants in it keep the digestive system in order. The flavonoids in it stimulate the digestive juices, bile etc. And the vitamins in it help in the proper absorption of the nutrients.

cherry 2


The flavonoids, carotenoids and the vitamins like vitamin A and C are extremely well anti carcinogens. The efficiently inhibit the growth of cancerous cells as well prevent triggering of new cancerous growths, free radicals being the main culprit behind them.

Heart disease: the nutrients in cherries like vitamins, anti oxidants (flavonoids and particularly carotenoids) and minerals like phosphorus in it are excellent cardio protectors. They protect the heart from nearly all damages done by the oxidants. They help maintain proper heart- beat rate, prevent blood-vessels from hardening and reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and thereby reduce the risk of great attacks. They also strengthen the cardiac muscles.

Other benefits: the darker the cherries in color, the more healthy and beneficial they are, because more they are rich in the antioxidants. The fructose in them gives energy without harming the diabetes patients. They prevent oral infections keep away bad breath. The acids and flavonoids in them are good appetizers. They are even effective in protecting from seasonal infections like cough and cold, pox, mumps measles etc. tired of these black and white texts? Soothe your eyes and refresh yourself up with cherries. Not a bad! Ideal isn’t it?


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