Get slim with 20 Fat Fighting Foods Health Benefits

Get slim with 20 fat fighting foods

Greek yogurt:

Its delicious tool for weight loss due to the presence of protein content in it. It takes twice as much time for protein in Greek yogurt than to leave stomach.


Studies suggest that cinnamon may have a stabilizing effect on blood and sugar level. This could curtail appetite, particularly in people with gpe 2 diabetes.

Hot pepper:

This compound appears to crab appetite and speed up the metabolism slightly
 Green tea:
It many promote  weight loss by stimulating the body to burn abominate fat.
Green tea contains catechis, a type of phytochemical that many slightly affect the metabolism
Grape fruit:
It helps dieters feel full and possesses just a few calories
pears and apple:
it’s high in water content, Eat it with peel which is full of extra fiber.
The value of water content becomes clear when you look at 2cups of grapes vs. one fourth cup of raisns.

Get slim with 20 Fat Fighting Foods
Get slim with 20 Fat Fighting Foods

Like other fruit, berries are high in water and fiber, which can keep you full for a long time, but they have other benefits. They are very sweet is means berries can satisfy your sweet tooth for a fraction of calories
you would take in globing cookies or brownies.
They are also loaded with antioxidant.
Studies suggest eating protein in the will keep your hunger at bay longer than eating a bagel or other crabs. one egg 75 calories but packs 7 grams of their quality protein along with other vital nutrients.
it sounds too good to be true but coffee helps us to revitalize the metabolism and helps in losing
It has fiber. Rich whole grains, lots of water, eat hot and very less calories.
Bulgur wheat:
It is wheat kernels that have been steamed dried and crushed. it offers an expensive source of low fat
protein. It is high in fiber and protein and low in fat and calories. Bulgur is another food that offers
nutrients to fill up you without adding pounds. It has twice the fiber of brown rice.
some studies suggest vinegar helps the body to break  down fat.
Nuts are the excellent to curb hunger between meals. They are high in protein, fiber and heart healthy
fat, omega 3.
Air-Popped Popcorns:
Three cups of plain, air popped popcorn may seem like whole lot, but the calorie content is low


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