UVAS Lahore Admission Form 2024 Fee Schedule Eligibility Criteria

University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore starts admissions again in food safety and controls. After successful completion of first batch, admissions are being offered again in one year postgraduate diploma in food safety and controls. step wise procedure for filling and submission of online application form for undergraduate admissions. for admission in two years MSC biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, Zoology, botany, wildlife management than you need minimum 45% marks in B.sc degree. the MSC degree program in Lahore campus and Ravi Campus Pattoki.

Schedule of Admission 2024

Online prospectus / admission panel available: 08 September 2024

Last Date for submission of applications: 29 October 2024

Display of First Master List: 06 November 2024

Hafiz-e-Quran Test: 08 November 2024

First merit list will be announced on date: 10 November 2024

Last date for deposit of dues: 12 November 2024

Second Merit List: 15 November 2024

Last Date for deposit of Dues: 17 November 2024

Third Merit List: 18 November 2024

Last Date for deposit of Dues: 22 November 2024

Fourth Merit List: 23 November 2024

Fifth Merit List fi required: 29 November 2024

Commence of classes: 29 November 2024

only those candidates will be eligible to apply 5 years degree program who will appear in MDCAT entry test 2024. MDCAT is not require for those candidates who will apply for BS Hons Degree program.

Latest Admission Details 2024: UVAS here 

Eligibility Criteria Year 2024 Check Here

Download Admission Form:

UG-Admission Form

UVAS Undergraduate Program

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)
  • Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics (DND)
  • B.S. (Hons.) Applied Microbiology
  • B.S. (Hons.) Biotechnology
  • B.S. (Hons.) Biochemistry
  • B.S. (Hons.) Environmental Sciences
  • B.S. (Hons.) Poultry Science
  • B.S. (Hons.) Dairy Technology
  • B.S. (Hons.) Zoology
  • B.S. (Hons.) Biological Sciences

Master Study Program Disciplines Offered

  • M.Sc. Biochemistry
  • M.Sc. Biotechnology
  • M.Sc. Zoology
  • MBA (Life Sciences) Morning
  • MBA Executive (Life Sciences) Evening
  • Master in Banking & Finance (MBF)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA (Hons.)

M.Phil and PhD Programs

The bachelor candidates are eligible for this diploma course.

List of successful candidates will be display on notice board of college

Entry test for eligible candidates to be held in the university liberty at 10:00 am on dated

Short listed candidates for interview to be display on notice board of university dated

UVAS Admission 2024
UVAS Admission 2024

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Fee Schedule for Under Graduate Level Programs, Academic
Sr. No. Fee Head Fee
(1st Semester)
2nd Semester & onward
1 Tuition Fee (per semester) 1280 1280
2 Admission Fee (one time) 6970 0
3 Examination Fee (per semester) 1650 1650
4 University Registration Fee (one time) 4940 0
5 Conservancy Charges (one time) 4940 0
6 Medical Fee (per semester) 510 510
7 University Security (one time) Refundable 1010 0
8 Computer Charges (per semester) 1650 1650
9 Library Security (one time) Refundable 2760 0
10 Sports Fee (per semester) 700 700
11 Magazine Fund (per semester) 290 290
12 Students Welfare Fund (per semester) 290 290
13 Inter University Communication Charges (per semester) 140 140
14 Student Support Fund (per semester) 340 340
15 University I.D Card (one time) 500 0
16 User Charges (one time) 2450 0
17 Mosque Fund (per semester) 220 220
18 Amenities to Students (per semester) 11080 11080
19 Certificate Verification Fee (one time) 2380 0
  Total (Rs.) 44100 18150

Residential Charges

Sr. No. Fee Head Fee
(1st Semester)
2nd Semester & onward
1 Hostel Admission Fee (one time) 550 0
2 Room Rent (per semester) 1500 1500
3 Light Charges (per semester) 2200 2200
4 Fan / Hot Water Charges (per semester) 850 850
5 Sui Gas Charges (per semester) 850 850
6 Utensil Charges (per semester) 310 310
7 Furniture Charges (one time) 3300 0
8 Water Charges (per semester) 310 310
9 Amenities to Boarder Students (per semester) 2380 2380
10 Hostel Security (one time) Refundable 4600 0
11 Internet Charges 2200 2200
  Total (Rs.) 19050 10600

       Fee for Foreign Students

Sr. No. Degree Fee
1 Undergraduates US $ 10,000/-
Sr. No.Fee HeadFee
(1st Semester)
2nd Semester & onward1Tuition Fee (per semester)128012802Admission Fee (one time)697003Examination Fee (per semester)165016504University Registration Fee (one time)494005Conservancy Charges (one time)494006Medical Fee (per semester)5105107University Security (one time) Refundable101008Computer Charges (per semester)165016509Library Security (one time) Refundable2760010Sports Fee (per semester)70070011Magazine Fund (per semester)29029012Students Welfare Fund (per semester)29029013Inter University Communication Charges (per semester)14014014Student Support Fund (per semester)34034015University I.D Card (one time)500016User Charges (one time)2450017Mosque Fund (per semester)22022018Amenities to Students (per semester)110801108019Certificate Verification Fee (one time)23800 Total (Rs.)4410018150Sr. No.Fee HeadFee
(1st Semester)
2nd Semester & onward1Hostel Admission Fee (one time)55002Room Rent (per semester)150015003Light Charges (per semester)220022004Fan / Hot Water Charges (per semester)8508505Sui Gas Charges (per semester)8508506Utensil Charges (per semester)3103107Furniture Charges (one time)330008Water Charges (per semester)3103109Amenities to Boarder Students (per semester)2380238010Hostel Security (one time) Refundable4600011Internet Charges22002200 Total (Rs.)1905010600Sr. No.DegreeFee1UndergraduatesUS $ 10,000/-
Sr. No.Fee HeadFee
(1st Semester)
2nd Semester & onward
1Tuition Fee (per semester)12801280
2Admission Fee (one time)69700
3Examination Fee (per semester)16501650
4University Registration Fee (one time)49400
5Conservancy Charges (one time)49400
6Medical Fee (per semester)510510
7University Security (one time) Refundable10100
8Computer Charges (per semester)16501650
9Library Security (one time) Refundable27600
10Sports Fee (per semester)700700
11Magazine Fund (per semester)290290
12Students Welfare Fund (per semester)290290
13Inter University Communication Charges (per semester)140140
14Student Support Fund (per semester)340340
15University I.D Card (one time)5000
16User Charges (one time)24500
17Mosque Fund (per semester)220220
18Amenities to Students (per semester)1108011080
19Certificate Verification Fee (one time)23800
 Total (Rs.)4410018150
Sr. No.Fee HeadFee
(1st Semester)
2nd Semester & onward
1Hostel Admission Fee (one time)5500
2Room Rent (per semester)15001500
3Light Charges (per semester)22002200
4Fan / Hot Water Charges (per semester)850850
5Sui Gas Charges (per semester)850850
6Utensil Charges (per semester)310310
7Furniture Charges (one time)33000
8Water Charges (per semester)310310
9Amenities to Boarder Students (per semester)23802380
10Hostel Security (one time) Refundable46000
11Internet Charges22002200
 Total (Rs.)1905010600
Sr. No.DegreeFee
1UndergraduatesUS $ 10,000/-


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