Saeed Ajmal banned from bowling for illegal action

Saeed Ajmal has been banned from bowling in international cricket due to an illegal action

Pakistani Spanner and expert on break off Saeed AJMAL have been banned from International Cricket Council (Big Three India, Australia and England). Where Pakistani fans were on hiatus there comes to the global Cricket has also expressed the hope that the suffering on the news in the United States, who will see action again soon, Saeed AJMAL.


Let’s take a look at the national and global Cricketers Tweet that she reacted like a ban on Saeed AJMAL is not good.

Saqlain Mushtaq saeed ajml, the author of another ban on Hamas, saying they strongly support using abilities that AJMAL will be back in their international cricket again.

Pakistani fast bowler Umar Gul reacted by changing his bowling action is expected, “said syad AJMAL in the explosive substance can return, the entire team is with them because they are assets of the Pakistani cricket team.

Former coach of Pakistan cricket team David watmo said that the news reached them of suffering, hope they fix their bowling action during the action will appear in the 2015 World Cup.

England’s leading batsman Kevin Petersen said in his response to the hard times never seems to be not good to see in contemporary Cricket hope he will return soon.

Former leading Australian batsman Dean Jones said it was the same spectacular reverse swing bowler and many other people related to cricket admire to Saeed Ajmal. ICC always bans Pakistani team players. Pakistani cricket fans are not happy of this ICC decision that said ICC always against Pakistani good players. Saeed Ajmal’s fans are hopeful that their best players will be come back to international cricket and make more victories for Pakistan and Cricket history.


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