NAB Pakistan Declamation and Essay Writing Competition

NAB Pakistan Declamation and Essay Writing Competition and Painting Competition


The National Accountability Bureau is Pakistan’s apex anti-corruption organization organizing Declamation competition and essay writing competition and Painting Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools. NAB Pakistan starts receiving applications from the students of different institutes. All students who are from Punjab can take part of this competition except Rawalpindi Division, schools, colleges and university students are able to participate in these competition.

Male and female students are encouraged to apply for these competitions, if any student wants to apply more than one competition, than its necessary to apply every competition. For example table show, drama, declamation competition, essay writing competition.

Essays in English:

My Role against corruption words 400-500

Honesty pays honour and corruption dishonours  

Words 750-1000

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws

Words 750-1000

Declamations competition:

If we do our part corruption will be caught

Root cause of corruption is silence of the masses

Role of media in impeding or breeding corruption

Painting Competition:

Crayons / pencil / marker colours

Water Base paint


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