Instalment Solar Plant Responsible for Providing Electricity


This project is based on Instalment of new 1500 Kilo Watt solar plant within rice mill area. This plant will be solely responsible for providing electricity to the industry and all its offices rather than asking services from grid station. This project involves site preparation, posts, tilt brackets, mounting structures, module installation, substation, PV switchgear, AC trenching, power electronic, and DC wiring.


Alhazmi & McCaffer (2002) stated that; for the project’s success it is indeed mandatory to select the appropriate and right contactor. With that statement, it is quite important to consider the importance of choosing right contractor with respect to project that is being carried away. So In order to meet the organization’s project requirements, preliminary prequalification of “First Solar” was taken into account through their website.

First Solar is one of the world leading photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solution providers. Looking at the figures and overall efficiency of this company, it was found that this company has installed more than 8 (GW) installed worldwide. Further their priority of concern is to produce the clean and reasonably priced solar electricity products and services that can attract and fulfill client needs worldwide. More over their energy solution have broadened the horizons of energy collections and thus have also reduced the possibility of unexpected explosive nature of fuel-price by providing an LCOE with fossil fuel which is indeed cost competitive (First Solar). Retrieved From:

First Solar Preliminary Prequalification:

According to the Moore (1985); prequalification is explained as a testing of construction firms by the particular business enterprise capitalists with respect to criterion and project requirements that are effective in order to complete project successfully and more productively and their capability or proficiency to join in venture bid. Other than that prequalification does also relates to the contractor and their tendering requirements ability with respect to current project completion phase before publishing an offer (Clough 1996).


There are numerous and well deserved facts and figures which were taken into consideration before selecting First Solar company for that particular project. This was all possible by use of prequalification method and going through contractors’ websites. The factor taken into consideration while choosing First Energy Company includes:

Economic Status:

According to Russell & Skibniewski (1988), the contractor’s banking arrangements with respect to liquidity, credit rating, profitability and efficiency, is much important while going through process of prequalification. Matter of fact financial immovability is one of the main and leading factor that determines contractors’ prominent strength, and meeting with project deadline within particular time period.

First Solar Website gives an accurate and well managed financial status of company. This was easily traced out by looking into their quarterly, half yearly and annual reports of last 5 years. Their current position in market is quite remarkable, and thus has enabled them to attract lot of clients all over globe. One of their main projects was YUMA Country, Arizona, and USA. The fact and figures of that project are like; project size: 290 MW, cars removed 40,000, homes powered: 100,000, and tons CO2 displaced annually: 220,000. Other than that within year 2012-2013 they have been fully active in introducing solutions to contemporary energy problems by supplying solution to confined spaces and disturbed solar generation. Thus their ability to meet up with financial requirements is almost more than satisfactory and does qualify for the strong company portfolio listings within current market status (First Solar). Retrieved From:

Technological and its Advancement Ability: Herbsman (1992) explained importance of technological advancement as second most point of consideration while going through method of prequalification. Customers and professional are always vary of technological ability and thus have high concern about contractors’ proficiency while executing particular project. Because technology is only main factor, that determines the quality and rate of delivery of construction projects all over the globe.

First Solar Company is indeed regarded as one of best technological advanced company all over the world. Company capability in this respective field can be found out by looking at their advanced entire solar value chain technology. Where by integrating technologies, expertise and capabilities diagonally the whole value chain, this company provides most effective, dependable, reliable, and low cost PV energy solutions. They always believe in clear cut methods which are easily used to maximize the output for the organization and its profitability in short or longer run (First Solar). Retrieved From:

Past Experience:

Past experiences are main sources for capitalists to find out the history of contractors where they have taken their initiatives in past. According to Birrell (1985), for the important evaluation criterion, it is mandatory to go through similar proposed projects that are of same type, complexity and size. Past experiences help organization to screen out the main contractors and measure their ability to meet up with project scenarios and its requirements in terms of financial abilities, technological and intuitive situations handling.

First Solar company website does have all the projects that they have handled in past. Moreover the clients’ level of satisfaction has also up to the standard level as well. Going through the history of this company we can see that; they have done numerous kinds of projects since 1999 up to 2013 and still counting on it. The project that this company has successfully are listed as; Agua Caliente Solar Project, Topaz Solar Farm, Greenough River Solar Farm, Desert Sunlight Solar Farm, Copper Mountain Solar 1, DEWA 13 Solar Plant, Avra Valley Solar Projects, and Templin (First Solar). Retrieved From:

Management Competence:

Management capability is one of the important tools that can help organization to achieve desired result at ease. Clough and Sears (1994) explained the importance of management competence in a very favourable manner. According to them; economical achievement of any construction projects solely relies upon the competency of its management. Moreover Birell (1985) found that; the only way to trace out of the competence of any contractor with respect to its prequalification is only by its management capability to deal with past or current construction projects.

First Solar Company Website highlights every single thing relate to every member of their family. They are indeed high qualified and are enriched with various experiences from 10 to 20 years in their respective fields. So without a shadow of doubt; this shows the capability of those gentlemen in respect to sincerity when dealing with such projects for any client (First Solar). Retrieved From:

Health and Safety:

While going through prequalification method every Business enterprise capitalists would for sure consider contractors’ health and safety issues handling methods while undergoing through any project. According to Samelson & Levitt (1982), owner selection of safe contractor depends and thus targeted on construction price reduction through injuries price control. So in order to meet up those requirements of prequalification method, there are two main points that eliminated organization from bidding to another. Those points of consideration with respect to health and safety are; contractors modification Ranking (EMR) and the occupational safety & housing administration (OSHA).

First Solar company website definitely shows through the perfect record of the project handling technique and thus shows company’s main point of consideration while undergoing any sought of project is based on their health and safety issue first. More over as responsible renewable energy company, they are always committed to most appropriate and sustainable practice of business. Company’s mission itself defines their motto by risk free services at ease. Looking at their history of project done they have indeed proved the safety concerns handling at ease. One of the main examples of their health and safety qualification was big project that they handled 290 MW Agua Caliente which they completed quite brilliantly (First Solar). Retrieved From:


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