Huma Bukhari Awarded Wonder Women of the year 2012

Huma bukhari Awarded Wonder Women of the year 2012. One of the pioneers Consumer Rights Activist of Pakistan, Ms.Huma Bukhari was awarded Wonder Women of the year 2012, in the field of Consumer Rights Activism by National Hero Foundation with the support of the Government of Pakistan. She was one of the awardees chosen from among more than 700,000/- entries from 19 different countries.

A multifaceted personality which bears sterling qualities of head and heart, she is an educationist, a journalist, a media person, a social worker and a staunch supporter of consumers in their protection against exploitation. She does not settle for less than the best and has excelled in every field of her work. She is vice chancellor of new ports University, which is ranked among the top category higher education institutions in the country; she was also declared the best District Governor by Lions Clubs International.

Her Resolve to unearth and expose the activities and products detrimental to the well being of consumers is so strong that despite extreme pressures and resistance from various powerful cartels, she continues her Jehad against them. Instead of just paying lip service, she has undertaken and uphill task of educating the consumers about their rights. She is so obsessed and passionate about helping and saving the consumers in Pakistan from the clutches of the mafia in the market that she uses all available means to save consumers from the latent and adverse effects of various products.

Her work being research oriented and based on ground realities has resulted in the ban of several adulterated and counterfeit products in the market.

As President of Consumer Forum, Consumer Foundation Pakistan, chairperson standing committee on Consumer Rights Protection FPCCI and founding member of Consumer Rights Council, Govt of Sindh, she is involved in consumer advocacy through national wide campaigns and has been instrumental in introducing Consumer Rights Protection Cell in Trade Bodies and Government Departments.


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