FIR in Punjab Police Online Management System

The FIR management system developed for Punjab Police is an effort to improve the efficiency of the department by making the records readily available to police officers. The system has not only proven to be successful in accelerating the investigation process, but also streamlined the overall FIR system by digitizing the complete FIR life cycle. The FIR system has not only enhanced the security, but also synchronized the activities of police stations in districts; successfully achieving the cost and time effectiveness. Chairman of PITB said we believe in using technology to improve the efficiency of police investigations and ensure speedy resolution of citizens’ complaints.


Government of Punjab information technology Board launched Centralized fir information system complete life cycle of FIRs been made available online through the centralized FIR information system developed for Punjab police making FIRs searchable across the 36 districts of Punjab through an online database.

PITB’s ‪‎Digital Punjab Campaign ad featured in today’s Dawn:

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