Facebook Messenger & IMO Call Blocked in Saudi Arabia

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Facebook Messenger & IMO Call Blocked in Saudi Arabia

Latest on dated: 12 May 2016 IMO Stars working fine for Audio and Video Calling in Saudi Arabia. but unfortunate FB Messenger is still not working for calling purpose only Text Chat is working. Today news update that Saudi Arabia government blocked Facebook Messenger and IMO calling software online though Internet. Saudi Arabia today blocked Audio and Video Calling Software of IMO and Facebook Messenger.



Government of Saudi Arabia officially has not announced any news related to blacklist, the reason has not been published by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The Main Reason of blocking Facebook Messenger and IMO Software is security. Because government of Saudi Arabia thinks that terrorist or people whose against government has been using these online software’s due to no security. Minister of communication and information technology ksa already blocked Viber almost three years ago due to security seasons. WhatsApp Calling is also not working in Saudi Arabia only Text Message by Facebook and Whatsapp is allowed by Saudi Government. Currently Line Calling Software and Tango Software is Good Option of Residents of Saudi Arabia. the Banned on IMO and FB Messenger remains closed due to security purpose.

STC Saudi Telecom Company is not give any comment related to blocking or Bane of Facebook Messenger in All cities of Ksa.

communication and information technology Commission Said about this News:

Appropriate action will be taken against applications or services that do not comply with the regulations.

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