Baat Hai Ruswai Ki OST Drama by Express Entertainment Channel

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Express Entertainment Channel launched drama serial Baat Hai Ruswai Ki. Baat Hai Ruswai Ki drama Written by Gazala Azeez, Drama Directed by Mohsin Marza, Casting or Stars of the drama are Fardos Jamal, Nazli nasr, Arosa Qureshi, Nirwan Nadeem, Nausheen Abraheem, Rashid Farooqi, sabahat bukhari, Samra Zubair, Syed Jibran and others.
Title/OsT : Baat Hai Ruswai Ki,
Singer : Waqar Ali,
Song Composer : Waqar Ali,
Produced by : Asif Raza Mir & Babar Javed,
Directed by Mohsin Mirza,
a Serial by : A & B Productions
Channel on Air : Express Entertainment.

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