Atif Aslam Joining PTI Imran Khan

Atif aslam is very popular pop singer of pakistan as well as india. Atif aslam is joining to PTI imran khan.

This news is in air Now. butt Pakistan tehreek e insaf is saying that Atif aslam is joining pti.this news is still not confirmed. Butt their is might be chances that Atif Aslam is joins pakistan tahreek e insaf.Mr. tsunami khan the official mamber of pakistan tehreek e insaf says that Atif aslam Subscribed with him, that he joining pakistan tehreek e insaf.



  1. atif aslam should join pti so next time in elections pti wins by having two real famous heros atif aslam and imran khan.atifaslam and imran khan are both too famous and have alot of fans.they both can work together and gain alot of votes and then pti can easily win.if imran khan wins then he can make a new pakistan


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