The Future of Real Estate Education in Pakistan

Real-state education in Pakistan becomes necessary these days, because the business of real-state education is increasing day by day in Pakistan. The Pakistan Institute of Real Estate Management provides different courses related to real states in Pakistan. PIREM Specially designs Courses for Real states in Pakistan. The list of those courses is given below.

  1. Certificate in Real Estate Management (12 Weeks)
  2. Professional Diploma in Real Estate Management (24 Weeks)
  3. Certificate Course in Building Construction (8 Weeks)
  4. Certificate in Apna Business (8 Weeks)
  5. Certificate in Digital Photography (12 Weeks)
  6. Certificate Course in Paper Printing (8 Weeks)

Certified Professionals in Real Estate Are Saying.

‘’Right now, I am working at Standard Chartered Bank as a Country Head. I completed the Real Estate Course from Pakistan Institute of Real Management. Being a head of external service department I learnt a lot from all subjects related to present real estate industry of Pakistan.”

Real State Education in Pakistan

Real Estate Markets have reached record highs. Prime locations in major cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi are being chased by property hunters and the prices are touching millions of dollars. Some housing societies have even sprung up in the outskirts of the city such as Lake City Complex, due to shortage of construction space in the city. It is expected that investments in properties will continue. All of this leads to the fact that the future of Pakistan’s real estate is quite promising! Having established the upward trend in the real estate market, it has become a very attractive sector in Pakistan, not only from an investment point of view but also for pursuing a career in this field. Educational institutes realized the importance of careers in real estate sector and also recognized the industry need more trained and skilled human resources. One of those institutions is Pakistan Institute of Real Estate Management. PIREM offers various course programs in business and marketing to cater for educational needs of the real estate industry such as Building Construction, Real Estate Management and Real Estate Marketing. Pakistan has a young population of almost 60% below the age of 30. This demographic trend indicates that new jobs and opportunities are required; otherwise unemployment rates will rise and will bring further negative consequences with it.

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On the other hand, Pakistan’s economy has vast, untapped resources. We can expect the real estate market to escalate further. The government should pay close attention to the real estate industry and be as conducive as possible in terms of training and providing the right education to interested groups. Professional training is a key factor for success in today’s highly competitive marketplace. As Pakistan’s future rests on the youth, the government should proactively offer more training courses in its institutions. This way it enables young Pakistanis a better education and better skills for their future careers.



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