Small class students who have outstanding results why fail in colleges

Small class’s students who have outstanding results why fail colleges

Why talented students fail in upper level classes

Many students in some cases, showing outstanding results in small classes butt soon when they arrive in colleges starts showing bad results, these results may surprised and upset their parents. There are many causes and solutions of this problem.

College Students
College Students

A major cause of failure of children in our society is freedom. Because when these students reached in big classes they feel free due to college environments is free and full of freedom. The parents and college professors of these types of students must take care and takes big responsibility to solve and move the students to their real purpose that is study.

School Students
School Students

Because in schools students reach their schools before 7 o clock from morning and ends with 4 o clock evening with full of attention of teachers and their parents in night about their home work that has been given by school teachers. They give attention to the personality of the building.

Teachers in colleges or university must think that they studied their subject and now their responsibilities have been completed. But in real teachers are the assets of the nations. And the teachers have huge responsibility to give the lessons of the life that students can understand their responsibility and study regularly.

Students think in colleges that no anyone who can catch them and they are free and independent and they thinks lot of life is remaining to study, that’s type of thinking takes students down and at the end they will not shown good or outstanding results in final examination.

fail students
fail students

The second main reason of failure of college students that they have no life goal other than doctor or engineer, no anyone told them that there are many field in life that they can earn money without making doctor or engineer, that they can make his name in other fields also. Last year I saw one student that he is reading and taking admission in arts session and he is dreaming that he is looking to become pilot, due to lack of education.

Serious educated parents or teachers tell the points and different destinations also point they if they cannot complete FSC they can’t succeed in the world. It’s a great injustice with students and takes the mind of students on one point just like without FSC life will finish.

Dedication to the education of the child shall be the time when he will be paired with a dream. The purpose to protect children to show them dreams and achieve their dreams for them to accomplish the duty of teachers and good parents.

Teachers and parents should take responsibility to gives the right way to students, the open minded way that life is not ended in one point; first of all you need to learn students mind that where he can work hard and consider his interest that is very important to successful life for the students.


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