Senate body on human rights for unblocking YouTube in Pakistan

Senate body and human rights community resolution accepted against YouTube banned in Pakistan. The news reported in Pakistan that senate body wants to unblock (YouTube video sharing website) in Pakistan. The YouTube largest video sharing website in this world banned in Pakistan since year 2012, due to US Movie “innocence of Muslims”. This Movie is against Islam and beloved prophet Muhammad of Muslims.

Senate body on human rights community passed resolution against banned YouTube in Pakistan. This movie available on YouTube and other video sharing websites, so senate body on human rights said it’s impossible to ban this video, and just banned Video not all YouTube. The High court of USA already ordered to Google to remove the video from Internet and search engines of Google, because Google almost takes internet world on Google. Senate Body on Human Rights ordered to Federal Government of Pakistan for Unblocking YouTube in Pakistan, because other Islamic Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai and other Islam countries has not been block YouTube.   youtube block in Pakistan


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