School Teacher Violence 6th Class Student in Gaggo Mandi

School Teacher Violence 6th Class Student in Gaggo Mandi

Gaggo Mandi is a town situated on the Dehli Multan Road between Burewala and Arifwala, in Vehari District, Punjab. This violence occasion was held today in Gaggo Mandi chak Number 235 EBK Girls high school. School teacher stands 6th class female student name Maria in sunshine heat due to not prepare home work. Almost 2.5 hours female student stands in full of sunshine heat after that she Unconscious due to heat of sun. The school administration calls to Maria’s father after than his father take the female student to private hospital.

School Teacher Violence

Maria comes up after 15 hours in private hospital with the treatment of doctors. Doctor Abdul Jabar said that Maria goes unconscious due to full sunshine heat. After than media wants to contact to school teacher but unfortunate no answer from school teacher side.

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