Leila khan hired Chairperson of PM Youth Program

Leila khan hired Chairperson of PM Youth Program

Leila khan MNA of Muslim league Nawaz Group Become Chairperson of Prime ministers Youth Program. The X chairperson of Youth Scheme was Mariyum Nawaz butt due to law reasons. She gave resign from their post before a month, now the seat was Vacant. The New Chairperson of PM Loan, Laptop and other Youth Programs that is introducing by Government of Punjab will be Leila Khan. Congratulations to Miss Leila Khan, Every student hopes thas she will do butter for the youth of Pakistan.

New chairperson of PM Youth Program


Leila Khan gives message:

I am very thankful to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz Sharif to give me this opportunity. I will Insha’Allah do my best to implement Prime Minister’s vision and will continue the strict policy of merit … Leila

After being appointed as the Chairperson of Prime Minister’s youth program scheme I welcome u all who wants to work voluntarily with us Leila.

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