KPK Govt Free Wifi Internet for All Universities

Government of Khyber pakhtunkhwa announced Free Wifi Internet free services across all university of the KPK Province. Today Pakistan threek e Insan Minister of information technology shahram tarakai directed to IT departments of All KPK Universities to must have Wifi Internet services for All Students with the Name of

‘’KP Open Wi-Fi’’ The minister order to IT departments of Universities to make fare and free internet services to all universities as early as possible to provide free internet services to all students of KPK.


Before this free internet wifi service Punjab government already announced that they will provide free wifi services to all local public places in Lahore city of Punjab Province.

 Official Statement of KP Minister Shahram:

‘’Meaningful use of ICT was the most effective way to create maximum employment opportunities for the youth and as such the present provincial government was spending huge amount on the promotion of ICT in the province with the aim to empower the young lot’’

Further minister added that PTI Government will provide maximum empowerment Youth of KPK to led Provincial government as Youth are the future of Nation of Pakistan. PTI will invest more to provide educational and health care departments.

We hope this service will use by students for positive purpose and get education maximum online and get the answers and maximum from internet source.


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