Faces of Sindh education Schools have no Basic Facilities

Faces of Sindh education Schools have no Basic Facilities


There are hundreds of schools in sindh Pakistan where have no electricity, Water and four walls around the schools.

Karachi news update that what is doing for education in sindh: Sindh has 5000 public schools where majority of teachers hired locally means the hired teachers not educated. Al most 40,000/- uneducated teachers have been hired by government of sidh. You can understand real face of education in sindh. Pakistan people party PPP always wins in elections in sindh, but unfortunates they don,t increase the standard of education in sindh.

The Government should evaluate the performance of the media with regard to education, teachers should be stationed in the Department on the basis of teaching qualifications, he added that the public and private partnership policy together with non-governmental organizations under the educated teachers teaching teachers would be trained for them, all records will be that of the present computerized, plus could easily check In addition to mobile services, would also be launched so that the teachers in a public school setting, the text relating to the attendance of parents through the Education Department, so as to be able to inform the messaging.

Provincial Secretary Education Pakistan Fazlullah held round table conference 60 % Sindh schools have not clean drinking water, 40% of schools in both the electricity and 35 percent in schools does not exist.



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