Army Burn Hall College for Boys Abbottabad Admissions 2024

Army Burn Hall College for Boys Abbottabad starts admissions to A level on prescribed application forms, which may be obtained from the college office along with the prospectus, personally for Rs. 1000/- or by post through a bank draft for a sum of Rs. 1100/- in the name of the principal of Army Burn Hall College for Boys Abbottabad.

The Sunday Jang news paper advertisement dated June 2, 2024. for more details, check website of the college:

Army Burn Hall College for Boys, Abbottabad Admissions 2024

Army Burn Hall College for Boys in Abbottabad is one of the top educational institutions in Pakistan, known for providing quality education to its students while instilling in them the values of discipline, patriotism, and hard work. The college has a rich history, having been founded in 1943 as a school for the children of military personnel. Today, it is open to all young men who are seeking a high-quality education.

Admissions for the year 2024 are currently open, and the college is accepting applications from prospective students. Those interested in joining the institution must meet certain requirements and go through a rigorous admissions process. The admissions process usually begins in January and concludes in March, with entrance exams held in April.

To apply for admission, students must first complete an online application form through the college’s website. The form requires personal information, previous academic records, and other details such as extracurricular activities, interests, and achievements. Prospective students must attach a recent photograph, a birth certificate, and the application processing fee.

Once the application has been submitted, eligible candidates are invited to take an entrance exam, which tests their skills in various subjects such as English, Math, and General Knowledge. The college also conducts a medical examination to ensure that candidates are physically fit to study at the institution.

After the entrance exams and medical examination, successful candidates are called for an interview. The interview panel consists of a selection board that evaluates the candidate’s academic abilities, personality, and suitability for studying at the institution.

Army Burn Hall Boys College Abbottabad Admission 2024
Army Burn Hall Boys College Abbottabad Admission 2024

Finally, students who are successful in all of these steps are offered admission to Army Burn Hall College for Boys in Abbottabad for the year 2024. The college has a limited number of seats, so only the top-performing candidates are offered admission.

In conclusion, Army Burn Hall College for Boys in Abbottabad is an excellent institution that provides its students with quality education, character development, and opportunities to excel in various fields. The admissions process for the year 2024 is currently ongoing, and prospective students who meet the requirements are encouraged to apply.


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