UET Lahore 1st Merit List 2015 Selected Candidates

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Entry Test Result has been announced:

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UET First Merit List has been Announced

UET 1st Merit List 2014 Download full List

50 open merit seats in Computer Science discipline at UET Narowal Campus from entry 2014. To give opportunity to all applicants, Computer Science at Narowal Campus has been added as the last preference for each applicant.

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UET Lahore (Main campus and all sub-campuses) First Merit List, 2014.


Architectural Engineering LHR A 76.69090909
Architectural Engineering LHR S 70.09772727
Architecture LHR A 75.33636364
Architecture LHR I 70.73
Architecture LHR N 77.27045455
Architecture LHR S 67.41136364
Architecture LHR T 68.75454545
Bio-Medical Technology KSK dae 67.87746479
Bio-Medical Technology KSK fsc 69.48409091
Chemical Engineering FSD A 74.27727273
Chemical Engineering FSD S 66.96590909
Chemical Engineering KSK A 76.36136364
Chemical Engineering KSK I 66.20147059
Chemical Engineering KSK S 68.61136364
Chemical Engineering LHR A 77.48636364
Chemical Engineering LHR N 77.625
Chemical Engineering LHR S 70.66136364
Chemical Technology KSK dae 62.81617647
Chemical Technology KSK fsc 70.46136364
City & Regional Planning LHR A 74.64772727
City & Regional Planning LHR N 72.91818182
City & Regional Planning LHR T 68.05909091
Civil Engineering LHR A 78.53636364
Civil Engineering LHR N 78.31363636
Civil Engineering LHR S 71.55909091
Civil Engineering NWL A 74.55227273
Civil Engineering NWL I 71.145
Civil Engineering NWL S 64.92727273
Civil Engineering NWL SI 67.1
Computer Engineering LHR A 78
Computer Science LHR A 76.73636364
Computer Science NWL A 76.10681818
Computer Science RCET A 72.60454545
Electrical Engineering FSD A 75.125
Electrical Engineering FSD I 73.25176056
Electrical Engineering FSD P 64.51584507
Electrical Engineering FSD S 66.21818182
Electrical Engineering KSK A 77.30454545
Electrical Engineering KSK I 73.91443662
Electrical Engineering KSK S 68.64772727
Electrical Engineering KSK SI 63.72570423
Electrical Engineering LHR A 81.12954545
Electrical Engineering LHR L 80.53181818
Electrical Engineering LHR N 80.39090909
Electrical Engineering LHR O 81.02727273
Electrical Engineering LHR R 78.46363636
Electrical Engineering LHR S 76.01590909
Electrical Engineering NWL A 73.7
Electrical Engineering NWL I 72.07077465
Electrical Engineering NWL S 64.61363636
Electrical Engineering RCET A 74.575
Electrical Engineering RCET I 72.15246479
Electrical Engineering RCET S 68.00454545
Electrical Technology KSK dae 69.89119718
Electrical Technology KSK fsc 71.41136364
Environmental Engineering LHR A 74.45909091
Environmental Engineering LHR S 67.40227273
Geological Engineering LHR A 73.55909091
Geological Engineering LHR S 70.10909091
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg LHR A 76.36818182
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg LHR I 71.10294118
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg LHR S 68.97727273
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg RCET A 72.85
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg RCET I 71.07205882
Mechanical Engineering KSK A 77.54772727
Mechanical Engineering KSK I 74.09264706
Mechanical Engineering KSK S 70.03181818
Mechanical Engineering KSK SI 68.71764706
Mechanical Engineering LHR A 80.19318182
Mechanical Engineering LHR L 80.31590909
Mechanical Engineering LHR N 78.36818182
Mechanical Engineering LHR O 79.07045455
Mechanical Engineering LHR S 74.38636364
Mechanical Engineering NWL A 74.03409091
Mechanical Engineering NWL I 71.99411765
Mechanical Engineering NWL P 60.33125
Mechanical Engineering NWL S 64.93181818
Mechanical Engineering RCET A 76.075
Mechanical Engineering RCET I 72.62352941
Mechanical Engineering RCET S 68.31136364
Mechanical Technology KSK dae 70.09117647
Mechanical Technology KSK fsc 71.22272727
Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD A 73.73636364
Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD I 71.55
Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD S 64.75
Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD SI 65.30147059
Mechatronics & Control Engg LHR A 79.08636364
Mechatronics & Control Engg LHR I 73.17941176
Mechatronics & Control Engg LHR S 76.19772727
Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR A 75.53863636
Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR I 71.27318841
Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR N 72.62272727
Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR S 69.49545455
Mining Engineering LHR A 73.49545455
Mining Engineering LHR I 57.935
Mining Engineering LHR N 72.45681818
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR A 78.09090909
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR I 67.92
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR N 77.95909091
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR S 72.99318182
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR SI 59.80588235
Polymer Engineering LHR A 74.08181818
Polymer Engineering LHR S 68.55
Product & Industrial Design LHR A 73.41818182
Product & Industrial Design LHR S 66.98863636
Textile Technology FSD dae 51.94166667
Textile Technology FSD fsc 69.15454545
Transportation Engineering LHR A 74.575
Transportation Engineering LHR S 67.67272727


UET 1st Merit List 2014 UET Lahore 1st Merit List 2015 Selected Candidates

2013 merit list information below:

University of engineering and technical education has been announced first merit list of Engineering dated 06-September-2013 Sunday.

UET Lahore Merit List UET Lahore 1st Merit List 2015 Selected Candidates

Dear students you need the entry test Roll Number with NIC Number to know the merit list. Because in this year UET not declared Merit List for every one, so know selected candidates and your own detail by entering your Roll Number and National ID Card Number on below this link

First Selected Your Program

Entry Your Roll Number

Selected Your Date of Birth

Entry Your National ID card Number

First Merit List has been uploaded. Click Here


(1) Deadline for submission of dues and documents is 12:00 noon Friday 11th October 2013. These would be deposited in UET Lahore Campus.

(2)          If you want to be considered for the next merit list, you will have to submit the dues and documents. Failure to submit these would mean exclusion of your name from further merit lists and the seat vacated by you would be allotted to the next candidate on merit.

(3) You CANNOT freeze your admission into a program of lower priority in your preference list. You will automatically be considered for up gradation in further merit lists if you have submitted the dues and documents.

(4) No request for change in preference list would be entertained.

1st Merit List of Main Campus :

1. Electrical Engineering: 82.6%
2. Mechanical Engineering: 81.38%
3. Mechatronics & Control Engineering: 80.42%
4. Civil Engineering: 79.85%
5. Computer Engineering: 79.293%
6. Chemical Engineering: 78.7%
7. Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering: 77.74%
8. Computer Science: 77.41%
9. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering: 76.75%
10. City and Regional planning: 75.88%
11. Environmental Engineering: 75.47%
12. Transportation Engineering: 75.42%
13. Polymer Engineering: 75.10%
14. Product and Industrial 74.661%
15. Mining Engineering: 74.62%
16. Geological Engineering: 74.51%

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  1. shahreyar hassan says:

    what does categories meant for?

  2. Maryam Mehmood says:

    when yew people will publish this year’s merit list ????? we are waiting man !!

  3. assalam-o-oalaikum sir… my expected agregate is nearly 75%.. do u hve any idea that in which category i fall to get admission in uet lhr cmps or not,,,??? kindly infrm me as early as posible 4 u…. thnk u

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