Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 2

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Khuda Aur Mohabbat New Title Song

khuda aur muhabbat Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 2

Khuda or Muhabat Season Two Story

After her death hammad loses his memory for a few days, butt has the two pearls given by imran. so his condition improves and he goes to london leaving his past behind to get a dagree in economics. there he gets admission to a well known university where he gets a rival named. sarah isaac pears, played by sadia khan again, daughter of his principal and dean Mr. Isaac Pears. in a sudden turn of events, she falls in love with hammad and helps him to rebel against the jewish firm belief of the “Holocaust”. she becomes muslim and change her name to iman. and they gain notoriety for their rebellion. The university expels hammad because of this and in the end he leaves london temporarily so that there would be no propaganda and loss of innocent lives because of him.


  1. Afaque Mirza says:

    Season 2 I still waiting for u

  2. I really want to watch khuda aur mohabbat season2.plese tell me when khuda aur mohabbat season2 released

  3. yaar kub shuru hoga seasson 2

  4. jamal hussain says:

    a special salute to….a person who wrote this mind blowing story

  5. Plz tell me season 2 khuda aur mohabbat releasing date plz tell

  6. taimoor hassan says:

    please release season2 instantly

  7. Awais Yousaf says:

    Really heart touching story plz tell me when Khuda aur Muhabat season 2 released

  8. This is the Novel “Khuda aur Muhabbat” by Hashim Nadeem

  9. Hey Rizwan, can you please tell me that from where did you get to know what happened next, any novel or something?

  10. I’ve seen khuda Aur mohabbat season 1&2 both are her touching love story but Season1 z better thn 2….

  11. season 2 kab release hoga

  12. When session 2 of khuda aur muhabat release?

  13. Danish Khan says:

    Its a very nice shows and I am excited to see season 2

  14. Plz tell me about k khuda aur mohabbat season 2 kb shuru hoga plz jaldi kare.

  15. really heart touching dacting

  16. Khuda aur mohabbat serial heart ♥ touching story…….
    Plzzzz tell me khuda aur mohabbat season 2 when coming…..

  17. Plz tell me when khuda aur mohabbat drama season 2 released on Geo Tv plz plz plz plz

  18. Please Show full Darma Khuda aur Mohabbat Season 2 Thanks

  19. please yeh show zindagi channel pe telecast keejiye pleaseeeee

  20. asalaamualikum,mai kashmir sai hu,muja plz bataya ke mai kase yah drama dekh sakta hu,(season 2)…plz

  21. Mansoor Beg says:

    Main bahut besabri se muntazir hu
    khuda or mohabbat season2
    ka i like very much
    main hindustan se hu
    plz start hury up

  22. Realy heart touching

  23. i do not know hot to explain wat m feeling ryt now..hammad and imaan jaise meri zindgi me bs gaye haye..mujhe unhe aur dekhna hai…unki duniya me fir khona hai…plz start season 2 plz…..

  24. asad sadiqui says:

    geo ka shukriya k ak aysa darama banaya Jo insane ki zindagee badal de

  25. asad sadiqui says:

    geo ka shukriya k ak aysa darama banaya Jo insane ki zindagee badal de our hum umeed karte hain k agay bhi aysay daramy se islah milay

  26. I really want to watch khuda aur mohabbat season 2

  27. zabihullah monand says:

    i rely waiting to watch session 2

    thanks Geo TV
    from Afghanistan

  28. khuda aur mohabat full drama secion2

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