Cadet College Chakwal Admission 2018 in 6th, to 9th Form, Fee Structure

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Cadet College Chakwal Admission 2017 in 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th


Cadet College Chakwal Starts admissions for session 2017 for 6th 7th 8th and 9th classes. CCC is special college for preparation of ISSB. The admission applications invited from all candidates submit admission forms before dated 12 January 2017. The admission forms and prospectus are available at college campus chakwal with Rs. 800 or you can receive though courier by paying Rs 900, price of admission form and prospectus with added rs 100 for courier charges. Both girls and boys college campuses admissions open. for more details

Last date to submission of admission application forms: 15 March 2017

Class VI to VII:

Written test for this level will include, English, Urdu, General Knowledge and Mathematics. Interview will be a general supplementary test. Medical test to determine overall health of the student will also be conducted.

Class VIII to IX:

Students obtaining 70% or above marks can appear in test. The written test for secondary classes will comprise English, Urdu, General Science and Mathematics, with the usual interview and medical checkup.

Testing Criteria:

Applications for admission will be invited through press by the college. Admission will be decided on merit, worked out as follows:

Written Test       Oral Test/Interview        Total Marks

80%                                            20%    100%

Intermediate Classes:

Admission to F.Sc 1st Year will be based on merit test and eligibility criteria are mentioned below:

Group                                   Subject Level

Pre Medical        Eng, Chem, Phy, Bio        Matric books

Pre Engineering                Eng, Chem, Phy, Math   Matric books

ICS                     Eng, Comp, Phy, Math        Matric books

Military Science                      English, Urdu               Matric books

The interview will be a general personality overview.

Fee Structure CCC for Boys:

Description                           School                     College                       Remarks

Admission Fee                  Rs.15,000             Rs.15,000             To be Charged only once

Development Fund         Rs.15,000             Rs.15,000             To be Charged only once

Annual Fund                     Rs.6200              Rs.6200           To be Charged only Annually in January

Security                                Rs.5000             Rs.5000                Refundable

Quarterly Fee                   Rs.42,000              Rs.48,000

Total                                    Rs.83,200               Rs.89,200

Fee Structure CCC for Girls:

Description                       School     College Remarks

Admission Fee           Rs.10, 000   Rs.10, 000            to be charged only once

Development Fund    Rs.10,000  Rs.10,000             To be Charged only once

Annual Fund               Rs.5000        Rs.5000              to be Charged only Annually in January

Quarterly Fee             Rs.30, 000     Rs.37, 500          Tuition Fee plus Hostel Dues

Total                              Rs.55, 000      Rs.62, 500

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