Zain Ksa Recharge More Benefits You Get

Zain Telecom Working in Saudi Arabia, that provides really wonderful packages for their local customers from KSA. Zain telecom brings The more you Recharge the More Benefits you Get offer for their valued customers. Zain Telecom specially entertains for overseas employers like Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and other workers who are working in Saudi Arabia.

Orginal Recharge                     Benefit                                         Extra Balance

Recharge 10 SR                      Get 10 SR Credit                                    0

Recharge 20 SR                      Get 20 SR Credit                                 2 SR free Credit

Recharge 30 SR                      Get 30 SR Credit                                 3 Sr Free Credit

Recharge 50 SR                      Get 50 SR Credit                                  10 SR Free Credit

Recharge 100 Sr                     Get 100 SR Credit                                20 SR Free Credit with 100 MB free Internet

Recharge 200 SR                   Get 200 SR Credit                                40 SR Free Credit with 200 MB free Internet

Recharge 300 SR                    Get 300 SR Credit                                60 SR free Credit with 300 MB free Internet

Benefits can only avail to Zain to Zain Network calling.

Zain Telecom Benefits
Zain Telecom Benefits


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