Write a letter to father Explaining the Cause of Failure

Write a letter to father Explaining the Cause of Failure

My Dear Father,

I hope this letter will find you hale and hearty. I am sorry I could not write you earlier. Actually, I was waiting for the result of my 1st term examination, so that I could inform you. I have got the result now. But, I am sorry I have failed badly in physics and chemistry. But Dad! Believe me; it is not due to my negligence or lack of interest in studies at all. My failure is due to the following reasons.

Firstly, our lecture on physics was transferred unexpectedly and the lecturer in his place joined very late. So, we could not learn lot of important lessons during this time. Secondly, this time district cricket tournament took place near the examination. As you know, I am the captain of the team, so I had to provide a lot of time there. I could not manage my time table properly and it affected my studies very much.

Out of frying pan into the fire, I fell ill a few days before my examination. It added to my difficulties. I could not find proper time for the preparation of physics and chemistry. My performance in other papers was also affected due to my illness. Now I have decided to make up my deficiency in these subjects. Insha-Allah I promise to show you good result in the Annual Examination.

Your Loving Son

Imran Khan

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