Why Did Aamir Khan Divorce his wife Reason Behind After 15 Years

Why Did Aamir Khan Divorce his wife Reason Behind After 15 Years

The Bollywood most famous actors Aamir Khan divorce his wife Kiran Rao, as per agreement of both parties. Amir Khan is Muslim famous Actor and he told to media that there is ongoing tension and mutual differences in the house is main reason of divorce.

Muslim famous Actress Fatima Sana Sheikh is a reason behind Aamir Khan Divorce.

The fifteen years long relationship breakup today due to rend. Aamir khan is superstar of Bollywood and his wife is Hindus as a religion.

Aamir khan and Kiran Rao announced separation during Joint statement on screen, there are two children of Amir from his wife Kiran Rao, he said they will take care their children even separation.

The beautiful son Name Azad Rao Khan is unlucky and he will effect of separation.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao Divorce 

According to latest news was received that Aamir khan and his wife Kiran Rao file an application for their divorce in court.

Aamir Khan Divorce his wife Kiran rao at the age of 56 and his wife age is 47 they first meet in year 2001 and married after four years.

Amir Khan was before married to Reena Dutta and give her divorce, Aamir khan’s have two children from their first marriage and two children from his second marriage.

Where Did Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao Meet

Aamir Khan will be married to Fatima Sana Sheikh, she plays a rule in his movie Dangal, on set of Movie Dangal they started loving each other but Amir khan’s wife rao was unhappy due to this relationship, so they decided for divorce.


Aamir Khan going to Marry with Fatima Sana Sheikh

Fatima Sana Sheikh is currently top trend on Twitter due to reason of divorce of Amir Khan after 15 years.



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