Why Children do not Study: Reasons behind

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Why Children do not Study: Reasons behind

It’s a main topic that why children do not like study, the parents of these children are always blaming children’s that they don’t take interest in their study.

Mother teaching child

Mother teaching child

I am professor of Government College, in my class many boys failed in general college exams that we takes before annual university exams. In this examination only 4 students was passed other students failed and they do not take interest in their study. The question is that why children or baby or boys or girls do not show interest in study. They just looking in classrooms that many students just pass their times in class rooms, just showing that they are listening lecture in class room butt in real their minds has outside the class rooms.

I was thinking in night that when babies come in this world they don’t know anything than why some babies show their interest in study or education or some not? The mistake from teachers or parents, in every class room only few children’s taking interest in education other just time pass, I just angry of these types of children, but  I am hopeful because there are lot of children’s who don’t see college classes.

Many children’s don’t write anything in exam papers, may be they gives us message, for that I check my planning of study for students that may be reason due to burden of study, when I check study planning, I reached on point that the planning of study is not burden able, its normal.

After all point of views of parents and teachers I reached on one point that the mistake is not only from children’s almost everyone of the society like teachers, parents and children’s are responsible for this reason.

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