What is communication system

Communication is the system or somewhat phenomenon which connects the people with each other. Basically it is a system which is spread all over the world.

If we talk about the history of communication then we came to know that the initial communication system was based on letters, our ancestors used letters to connect with the people and share their feeling with one other but it was a very difficult way because there was possibility that the letters may lost, In 1876 Graham bell invented telephone due to which we can talk online with each other. Two persons living i9n different areas or cities can communicate with each other. But in 1970 Mobile phone was discovered which was the modern mean of communication and the people talk with each other more efficiently. In mobile phone one of the most important functions is SMS. It is the best way of chatting.

It has low rates then the simple call, and easy to share the feelings with each other.

Now one of the best and marvellous ways of communication is internet. It is the most important way from which we just not only connect with the people who are just far from us and live in other cities but we can chat with the people who live in other countries and not only we can chat but we can see the person who is talking with us.

Computer is the best way of communication, in this way we can spread our business to other countries of the world and can easily import and export things, whatever we want.

So indirectly communication system is the basic of life and it is the way through which our world is going towards progress, in this world it is our need, just imagine If we lost that wide and broad system then we should go back towards 1900’s century like Afghanistan who does not have these facilities.

So it is the backward country and have no idea about progress and does not want to take step forward, so to conclude I just want to say if our communication system is best and our connection with the part of the world in broad and progressive then we can achieve our aims because this system have multi directional achievements starts from business studies and professional work and etc.

Satellites around earth

Satellites around earth


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