UHS MCAT Entry Test Syllabus 2019 MBBS Medical & Dental Colleges

UHS has been changed the Syllabus for session year 2019 and onward. The New Syllabus has been sent to Chief Minister for approval. The Final Entry Test will be held month of July 2019.

University of Health Sciences government of Punjab is going to change entry test syllabus for admission in MBBS and BDS, before this the session year 2010 was changed to syllabus that was still working till year 2019 but now session year 2019 the syllabus of entry test has been changed. The English worlds has been increased from 650 to 850 in new syllabus session year 2019. the latest Syllabus of MBBS for Medical and Dental colleges announced for year session 2019, we are providing best service and give your Syllabus for year session 2019 and 20 latest, you can download from below links and review your paper and entry test for taking admission in medical and dental colleges that is working under University of Health science HUS Lahore Government of Punjab.

The Question Paper of MDCAT 2019 shall be from the syllabus and Textbooks of FSc/HSSC/equivalent examination. The candidates are advised to prepare for the test from their textbooks. Updated Note Date 29 May 2019.

Download UHS Latest Syllabus for MDCAT or MCAT 2019.
Stars Academy Entry Test Preparations

UHS Announced Syllabus of Medical and Dental College Entry Test 2019-2020

MCAT Entry Test Syllabus Click on below link to download PDF File

  • Syllabus of Medical / Dental Colleges Entrance Test

Explain how buffer solutions control pH m) Calculate the pH of buffer solutions from the given appropriate data n) Show understanding of, and use, the concept of solubility product, Ksp o) Calculate Ksp from concentrations and vice versa p) Show understanding of the common ion effect.

Syllabus of Medical / Dental Colleges Entrance Test 2019

2019 MCAT Syllabus on below this link:

UHS Syllabus 2019

University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore Published Syllabus of Medical and Dental Colleges for Entrance Test for the year session 2019. Click on below this link to download this PDF Syllabus.

Previous Years Medical MDCAT Entry Test Syllabus just for Reference:


UHS Entry Test Syllabus 2013

The Stars Academy published suspected MCAT Syllabus 2017: Click here

University Of Health Sciences Sylabus
University Of Health Sciences Syllabus


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