Summit Bank Offers Gold Loan Scheme 2024

Bank Loans in Pakistan, dated January 3, 2024: Summit Bank of Pakistan offers a wonderful loan scheme in Pakistan. Summit Bank, one of the leading banks in Pakistan, brings a loan scheme to 2024. You can get a loan in place of gold. This is an easy way to get a loan from Summit Bank because, in almost every home in Pakistan, the gold remains for a long time without any use.


Just give your gold today to Summit Bank and get a cash loan today; your gold will remain the same, and you can withdraw your gold to give back the cash loan to the bank at any time.

For future planning, I think this is the best offer for those who cannot buy their gold, and can get their loan back when they want.


Instant loan

Low Competitive Markup

Utmost safety of Gold

Minimum Documentation

Higher loan-to-value

Easy repayment

No minimum income criteria

A one-time payment option is available


Age Limit: 18–60 Years.

Loan Amount: Maximum up to $2 million.

Markup Rate: 3 months Kibor +5% or Minimum 15% (Per annum).

Loan Limit: Up to 60% of the gold value.

Tenure: Up to 1 Year on a roll over basis.

Loan Type – Running Finance / Term Finance

Repayment option: monthly, half-yearly, or yearly.

Withholding tax is applied and zakat is deductible unless exempted.


Accounts will be opened in accordance with documentary requirements laid down in the SOP of “Account opening and Management.”

Must be a resident Pakistani

No minimum income required

2 passport size photographs of applicant

1 passport size photograph of Nominee

2 References

Quality of Gold: Not less than 18 Karat


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