Sindh University also Dismiss Noreen Leghari Admission

Sindh University also Dismiss Noreen Leghari Admission

Noreen Laghari who was studying in MBBS second year when she joins Terrorist Organizations in year 2017 and when Noreen Laghari was disappear from here home after few days Pakistani Agency ISI arrested Noreen Laghari from Lahore with Terrorist Name Ali (who was killed by Army in same place) but Pakistan Army return back Noreen Laghari after knowing that she from from Sindh Hyderabad city and her father was a professor in private university of Sindh.

She admitted that some persons contact her through social media and convinced her to join their team. After this case Liaqat Medical University dismiss her admission from University. Now she again takes admission in Sindh University but after knowing officials of Sindh University.

Now Sindh University dismiss the Admission of Noreen Laghari and cancele her admission. Noreen Laghari’s father takes this case to Sindh high court that why University declines to provide education to her daughter Noreen Laghari.  

Noreen Laghari’s father wants to prove that his daughter is innocent and she corrected her mistake.

The hiring of this case is pending till, Sindh high court will be see in case that why Medical Universities cancel her admission.


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