Road Accident in Saudi Arabia How to Claim Insurance Money

Road Accident in Saudi Arabia How to Claim That Money

Saudi Arabia is high rate of accident country, where almost every mint accident is held and due to this high rate of deaths here in Saudi Arabia due to accidents. So if you are expat worker in Saudi Arabia be save because Saudi nationals driving cars very high speed, and now from June 2018, the women’s of saudi arabia will start driving so new women drivers can increase the percentage of Accidents in saudi arabia.

Insurance-Claiming-in-Saudi Arabia
Insurance-Claiming-in-Saudi Arabia

If unfortunately you get car accident so first of all you remain your car as well other person car on same place where accident was held, don’t move your car, till the Insurance person will came.

First of all you need to call police man or insurance company, an independent government organization name Najm is working on this issue to need to call and tell your place of accident and take online inquiry number from that Najm government person.

Accident Reporting and Customer Care: 920000560

Head Office of Najm: King AbdulAziz Road – Exit 5 – Ghadeer district – Pearl Center, Gate (3)

After some time the Najm person will be come at the point of Accident and see who was wrong and make official accident report by taking pictures of both party cars and documents of car and drivers.

After that Najm person will prepare official documents of the accident and give the copy of those documents to both parties and tell them who is wrong and who can claim money against car damage. This Najm paper is very important for further work to claim insurance.

Now both parties are free to take their cars to workshops or anywhere where the drivers want. Than make three quotations from different workshops and give quotation and Najm paper to Police office called in Arabic Marror Office for further action, the police man will stamped on both of your documents and tell you the location or address of insurance company where you can claim your money, But for insurance claim need to go selected police offices that are working on insurance claim.

Now take Najm Paper, Quotation and Marror stamped paper and go to the insurance company, the insurance company will check these documents and will release your money through Cheque payment system within 15 days.

Within 15 days you will receive cheque from insurance company and after that go to bank and take your money for repairing purpose of your accidental car.

I hope you understand the total procedure of claiming money if you have any question or need any type of help you can ask question.

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