Request For Price Increase Letter Sample

Date: 07-Aug-2018

Mr. Rouf

M/S Highnoon Laboratories Ltd..


Dear Sir,

As we have been supplying you inserts, cartons, labels of almost all of your products, meeting your specifications and delivery requirement since long with no problem at very low rates.

We use Bible paper for your products from many years and we give you the formula of square inches. In past, there is availability of bible in cut peace therefore we print it at very low rate. The Bible paper is pure pulp paper and not available in international market because they use in the shape of recycle themselves.

You also reduce the sizes of inserts which fact the cost of production value wise. In past we book it at 800 USD but now the booking rate is 1600 USD which shows the 100% increase in bible paper that’s why we import only the fix sizes of paper. Now we have only one month stock if you cant inform us within time than it’s very difficult to supply you. You are very aware that the prices of paper, ink, utilities and the labour cost during past year have tremendously been increased. So in the light of above-mentioned facts we want to increase 100% rates of all of your products.

Thanking you and assure you of our best services all the time.

For Company.


Request For Price Increase Letter Sample
Request For Price Increase Letter Sample