PTCL DSL 4mbps Broadband Starter package

PTCL introducing DSL Broadband starter package with DSL 4mbps speed in the month of Ramadan with Rs 999/- Only. The Broadband starter package users can download 20GB. Pakistan telecommunication limited offers best offer in the month of Ramadan and if this service remains after Ramadan that’s good otherwise you can pay against this packages Rs. 1500/- per month.  PTCL always providing good packages but unfortunately the Customer service of PTCL is not good the officials must be checking rating of customer services to make best customer service that customers can satisfied. Practically I saw the customers just waiting the man from PTCL but they canno


PTCL must follow the STC the system of providing customer service is so useful that the officials can find their employees that how early they fulfill the customer complaint on time.

How to Buy

To subscribe to PTCL broadband service call 0800 80 800

PTCL offers a free WiFi modem with all new connections.

Existing Student Packages users can get Smart Spot PTCL WiFi modem by paying Rs.1500 one-time charges (OTC).

*Note: For Quality Assurance Purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers, Rs. 5,000 per month will be charged for greater than 300 GBs downloads. This is not applicable to 8 Mbps and above connections

**Note: 1Mbps and 2Mbps Economy packages contain download limit of 10GB and 15GB respectively. Downloads exceeding limit of respective package will be charged additional Rs.100 per GB.


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