Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme Eligibility Criteria

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Prime Minister of Pakistan announced Fee Reimbursement Scheme for Selected less developed areas. Federal finance minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar has been announced Fee Reimbursement Scheme today dated 21 May 2015. It’s a really good step from Federal Government of Pakistan to promote educational activities in Pakistan. Less developed cities and villages students can take benefits from this scheme. Government of Pakistan will be bear all tuition fee of the student, who are eligible and selected for this scheme. Fee Reimbursement Scheme announced today at Quetta Baluchistan, because Baluchistan is a less develop areas.


Maryam Nawaz said that he scheme is aimed to encourage those students who want to study for graduate and master level programs butt due to financial programs they can’t afford to complete education. The talented students from less developed areas will be got 100 percent free education from top level universities of Pakistan. The chairperson of youth Programme more said that our top priority for those areas who are neglected in past especially for Baluchistan.

According to this scheme government will be covered more than 35000 post graduate students across Pakistan.

PM Free Education Selected Areas

All students who have registered for master or PhD programs from higher education commission in areas Sindh, Soutern Punjab, (DG Khan, Bahawalpur, Multan, Balochistan less developed areas, KPK (Kohistan, DI Khan, Malakand, GB and FATA students are eligible for Fee Reimbursement Scheme 2014, from these above areas Government of Pakistan will bear all education expenses.


  1. i m a studient of BS program then i have no money to contineue the further study so kindly return the all bs fee

  2. i m a studient of BS program then i have no money to contineue the further study so kindly return the all bs fee

  3. And What about the (bachelor)BS students belonging to such backward areas?????

  4. SHABANA JAVED says:


  5. what about the students doing 4year bachelor program

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