Pakistan awards scholarships to 83 SriLankan students

The government of Pakistan and higher education commission of Pakistan offered scholarships to 83 sari Lankan students in Second Phase 2014. First Phase of scholarships was held on dated 05-June-2014, in first phase Government of Pakistan and higher education commission gives 69 scholarships to brilliant students of Sari Lanka.


Government of Pakistan starts phase wise scholarship program with the name of Jinnah Scholarship program for Brilliant Students of Sari Lanka for providing free educational activities in top class Pakistani Universities.

In first Phase Pakistan Awards SL 1.7 million worth of scholarships to Sari Lankan Brilliant students, now in second Phase Government of Pakistan is going to spend SL 2 Million to brilliant students of Sari Lanka.

The government of Pakistan starts Jinnah Scholarship Program from year 2005 that is working continuously for providing free education activities to brilliant foreign students.

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