Next Generation of Filmmaker Audiences in Pakistan

There have been numerous articles written about the state of our film industry, the past glories, the dismal failure along the way and then of this ‘’revival’’.

I want to write about the industry from an insider’s perspective and about where we are headed or rather where we should be headed. In my opinion, the Pakistani film industry is far from a true ‘’reveal’’ right now for local filmmakers and producers who are taking risks with telling new kinds of stories in cinema. It is simply matter of survival.

Next Generation
Next Generation

Ture revival happens when there is a critical mass of content in the market which can which can change the status quo of stagnation in the film industry. At the moment, there are hardly two or three independent films coming out every year and that too in a very limited sense because they only cater to local desi audiences. True revival of any cinema industry happens when you look from the inside out and look towards the global market as your audience and not limit yourself to only local audiences.

If you look at the success of Mexican, Indian and African independent filmmakers in the global market, they have carved out a niche for themselves, by offering local stories to global audiences. There is a great thirst in the international market to commercial or straddle a whole section in between. This diversity in cinema is precisely what we need to have in our local


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