Negative Thinking and its Impact on Our Health

Negative thinning and our bad behavior damage our health body and mental, there are maximum chances for those whose are negative thinking will damage their body cells.

Those people who are remain always happy and solve their problems with happily, can escape him from many health issues.


Tension, angry, fear and weeping are affect our health tissues.


Angry bring negative impact on our liver, scholars said when you become angry just drink water. Daily walking is also helpful to decrease angry.


Tension is a big problem for our health, by taking tension human become old earlier, and face health issues in young age. Tension brings direct impact to heart; it’s a maximum chance heart attack for those who take must tension.

No one can change future so don’t take tension of future (that what will be happened) and be relax in your today’s life and remain happy.

Usually whose take tension eating more or eating less that is also become negative impact on health.

Early white hair and hair fall is also a reason of tension. If you take more tension that head pain will remains.


Fear brings direct impact on physical health; fearing persons cannot use their mind properly. Fear can take thinking power from human, he cannot understand that what is wrong and what is good. Fear weakens our immune system and can cause cardiovascular damage. Fear is not a solution of any problem; fear brings more problems of humans’ life, gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, and decreased fertility.


Stress is not bad if you are taking stress for right think, but if stress remains for long time it’s become problem for health body. Always long term stress can harm human body and mind. If you feel stress just go anywhere place like river sea, or open place and just feel relax and do not think much about your problem by taking stress no any problem will go just think positively and solve your problem by using mind instead of taking stress.

If you feel stress always contact to your doctor.


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