Muslims are killing in burma | Myanmar | Whole Media is Silent

Muslims are killed in burma | Myanmar

Burma is a country in Southeast Asia, Near in India, Bangladesh, Thailand, and China. There are different religions are living in Burma or Myanmar Country. Different Parties are killing Muslims in Burma. The innocent Muslims are unable to defend them. Whole communities of Media are silent on this issue. More than 300 mosques are closed in Burma.

There is no freedom of religion in Burma. Muslims are not allowed to read or listen the holy Quran. In Burma incident more than 20 Thousand Innocent Muslims are killed. The governments of different Muslim Countries are silent on this issue. Even Saudi Arabia is Silent, United Nations is silent, and All Muslim Community is silent. This is not fear for Burma Muslims. They are facing very bad Situation. Even OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) is not saying anything about this issue. More than Ninety Thousand Muslims are transferred from Burma due to not safety in Burma Country.

burma muslims

incent muslims are killed in burma
innocent Muslims are killed in burma
killed burma
killed burma
muslims are killed
Muslims are killed
stop killing in burma
stop killing in burma

This is request for all Muslims to pray their Muslims Sister and Brothers.
Muslims in Burma Are Killed…..Whole Media is Silent

Ten Myanmar Muslims were killed by Rakhine Buddist Kuffar people in Northern Myanmar Yesterday



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